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Doing the Continental

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When a US President sits down in the Oval Office for the first time, one of the farthest things from their mind is Canada.  On Capitol Hill the whirling pursuit of interests is intense.  And in Ottawa, Canada’s senior officials are often too preoccupied to appreciate that our neighbours to the south aren’t paying attention to the affairs and concerns of the Great White North. Canada’s relations with the United States are broad and deep, and the two countries are always in some senses renegotiating their interests from energy policy to defence, environmental strategy, and Arctic sovereignty, David Dyment provides an astute, pithy analysis of the past, present, and future continental dance between two countries that have much in common, yet often step on each others feet.

David Dyment explores the deeper dimensions of this relationship with intelligence and gusto.

Bob RaeCanadian Ambassador to the United Nations, from his Foreword to Doing the Continental

Doing the Continental is a must read for those interested in Canadian-American relations.

Michael KerginCanada’s ambassador to the United States, 2000-2005.

Doing the Continental is very good, wise on all fronts. The chapter on our lack of an energy policy is very convincing.

Lawrence MartinColumnist and former Washington bureau chief with the Globe and Mail.