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BEST SELLER - Doing the Continental

BEST SELLER, NON-FICTION with books by 13 international and seven Canadian authors.

A BEST “BIG IDEAS” POLITICAL BOOK OF THE LAST 25 YEARS in collaboration with the Writers’ Trust of Canada.

Honoured by the Toronto Library Foundation at the Book Lover’s Ball as a CELEBRATED RECENT CANADIAN BOOK.

With COMMISSIONED COVER ART featured in the Literary Review of Canada.

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Doing the Continental – Feature Interview

Year in Review – CTV

Canada-US Relations – CTV

Doing the Continental, Feature Interview, Part Two

Presenting Doing the Continental - CPAC

White House Visit - CTV

Commentary on Obama hosting Harper at the White House.

Visit to Ottawa - CTV

Commentary on Obama’s visit to Ottawa.

Visit to New York - CTV

Commentary on PM Harper’s speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

Canada - US Relations - CTV

Interview on Canada–US issues.

Managing the Border - CTV

Commentary on Ambassador Wilson’s statement that the Canada-US border is becoming a parking lot.

Bilingual Presentation - CPAC

On provincial international activities.

Federal Election - CTV



David Dyment explores the deeper dimensions of this relationship with intelligence and gusto.

Bob RaeCanadian Ambassador to the United Nations, from his Foreword to Doing the Continental.

Doing the Continental is a must read for those interested in Canadian-American relations.

Michael KerginCanadian Ambassador to the United States, 2000-2005

Doing the Continental is very good, wise on all fronts. The chapter on our lack of an energy policy is very convincing.

Lawrence MartinColumnist and former Washington bureau chief with the Globe and Mail

Doing the Continental is timely, well written and accessible to a broad audience. It covers the major issues in Canada-US relations today, and provides a valuable historical perspective. The book’s pragmatism and realism make it of value to policy makers.

Eugene Langco-author of the best selling, award winning book The Unexpected War: Canada in Kandahar

Dyment's analysis is concise and clear-eyed.

Bruce CampbellExecutive Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Dyment’s book provides a provocative assessment of where Canada goes from here in the development of its relationship with the United States. For Dyment, the new ‘continental dance’ should result in Canada being a more assertive and sophisticated partner ... His book will generate a much-needed debate on Canada’s future policy priorities toward the superpower to its south.

Earl Fry, PhDPast President, Association for Canadian Studies in the United States

In this refreshingly accessible book, David Dyment argues that Canadian discussions of Canada-US relations are so heavily dominated by extreme views that they frequently do more harm than good. His purpose, therefore, is to bring a more balanced perspective to bear. Some may disagree with his positions on specific issues, but much can be learned from the calm display of reason and sanity that he applies to a subject that so often generates more heat than light. His analysis deserves a very wide readership among those interested in Canadian politics and foreign policy.

Denis Stairs, PhDPast President, Canadian Political Science Association


There were over 60 Doing the Continental events, here are links to some of the posters: